Joe Biden will be sending 31 tanks to aid Ukraine


Zaynab Khan

President Joe Biden stated on January 25 he will be sending 31 M1 Abrams tanks to aid Ukraine in the war against Russia. These machines are some of the most modern and expensive tanks and require immense training to learn to control, one of the reasons America has been so reluctant to send them. Unfortunately, this installment of new weaponry is said to reach Ukraine a few months to a year later, maybe even more.

After months-long conferences between Germany and Ukraine, Germany stated at one point they would send military aid if the United States did as well in order to avoid any escalation of the war. Cooperations between Germany and the U.S. have resulted in 14 of Germany’s Leopold 2 tanks being sent to Ukraine. Despite these tremendous acts for Ukraine, Biden has stated “it is not an offensive threat to Russia.” Russia, however, has labeled this as “blatant provocation” and a Russian spokesperson states, “these tanks burn like all the rest. They are just very expensive.”

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed gratitude towards Germany and the U.S. for their assistance. It was noted by President Biden it was Zelenskyy’s birthday on the 25th and took the day to remind Ukraine of America’s support.