The Television Station of Carmel High School


The Television Station of Carmel High School


The Television Station of Carmel High School



Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) | National Competition


Best NewscastScott Croner, Ryan Conley, CHTV Seniors (CHTV October)

Best Comedy Program Zach Francis (Slay or be Slayed)

Best News ReportIreland Jones (Dr. Phares Interview)

Best use of YouTube – Scott Croner, Trinity Bitterman, & Morgan Bishop (@CHTVCarmel Television)

Best Station PromotionCaroline Petry (CHTV Announcements)

Best Talk ProgramJack Ringenberg (The Jack Ringenberg Show)

Best Program PromotionScott Croner, Darion Watson, & Ryan Conely (CHS Football Sectionals)

Best Sports ReportAva Luo (Girl’s Golf)

Best Motion GraphicsScott Croner (CHTV Graphics)


Best Newscast – Morgan Mace, Scott Croner, & Trever Buis (Halloween Newscast)

Best News Report – Max Kim & Jacob Wiener (School Board Controversy)

Best Comedy Program – Hallie Reeves, Dylan Horoho, Darion Watson, Charlie Baker (The Late Late Late Night Show with Hallie)

Best Variety Program – Taylor Braden & Sam Dreher (20/21 Rewind)

Best Station Promotion – Jacob Wiener, Scott Croner, Avery Gates (CHTV Promo)

Best Program Promotion – Scott Croner, Jacob Wiener, Dylan Horoho (Football Hype)

Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) | State Competition


Honorable Mention | Best Student Media WebsiteJack Ringenberg, Natasha Glenn, & Ryan Conley (

Honorable Mention | Best Social Media Presence – Scott Croner & Trinty Bitterman (CHTV Instagram)

3rd Place | Best Video MagazineJack Ringenberg (The Jack Ringenberg Show)

Honorable Mention | Best Video MagazineNatasha Glenn (Semester One Recap)

2nd Place | Best Video Spot ProductionScott Croner & Ireland Jones (CHTV: A Place To Have Fun | 2023 Promotional Video)

3rd Place | Best Video Live Sports BroadcastDashaun Barnes, Will Simmonds, Ryan Conley, Caroline Petry & Scott Croner (LIVE: Carmel vs. Ben Davis | Football)



2nd Place | Best Corporate VideoJacob Wiener & Scott Croner (Vision)



2nd Place | TV News Anchor – Griffin Hadley

Honorable mention | Best WebsitePaige Zurcher (CHTV’s 2020-2021 Website)

2nd place | TV Copy Writing – Jacob Young

Honorable mention | Live Sports Event – Griffin Hadley, Matthew Placzek, Jacob Wiener, Thomas Johnson



1st Place | Video In-Depth – Tyler Young



1st Place | Television School of the Year 

3rd place | Best Highschool Television Newscast – (School Newscast IASB 2014)

2nd Place | Best Short Film – Sophie Kelner (Worn | Short Film IASB 2014)

Finalist | Best Television News Anchor – Sophie Kelner (News Anchor (LIVE) 2014 IASB)

2nd Place | Best News Package – Caroline Hitchcock (News Package IASB 2014)

3rd Place | Best Copywriting Brad Davis

3rd Place | Best Live Telecast Brad Davis, Jake Combs, and Tyler Meinz (Live Telecast IASB 2014 (PART 1) & Live Telecast IASB 2014 (PART 2))



1st Place | Television Sports Play-by-Play – Steven Albritton & Matthew Brose



1st Place | Television Sports Play-by-Play

1st Place | Television Corporate Video 

1st Place | Television Sports Play-by-Play – Andrew Fuller & Kayla Perry



1st Place | Best Other Live Telecast

1st Place | Television Sports Play-by-Play – Jeff Bardach & Evan Denis



1st Place | TV Short Feature 



1st Place | Television Documentary 

1st Place | Corporate Video

1st Place | Television Newscast



1st Place | Live Telecast



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