The Television Station of Carmel High School


The Television Station of Carmel High School


The Television Station of Carmel High School



Headshot of Brandy Ostojic
CHTV Faculty Adviser

Brandy Ostojic

Headshot of Jack Ringenberg
Station Manager

Jack Ringenberg

Jack is a senior and one of CHTV's Station Managers. As the Station Manager, Jack oversees every aspect of C...

Headshot of Dashaun Barnes
Station Manager

Dashaun Barnes

Dashaun is a Senior this year. This is his fourth year on the TV staff and this year he will be joinin...

Headshot of Nina Federici
News Director

Nina Federici

Nina is currently a junior at Carmel High School, she is so excited for this year and all the opportuni...

Headshot of Hannah McNally
News Director

Hannah McNally

Hannah is a senior at Carmel High School and is excited and nervous for her last year at Carmel. This y...

Headshot of Addy Modrall
Sports Director

Addy Modrall

Addy Modrall is a junior at Carmel and is the Sports Director for CHTV! She aims to broaden the sports ...

Headshot of Gabi Bradley
Talent Manager

Gabi Bradley

Gabi Bradley is excited to enter her final year on staff as the Talent Manager for CHTV. This will be ...

Headshot of Zachary Seymour
Organizational Manager

Zachary Seymour

Zachary Seymour is an avid star wars fan and die-hard fanboy of Pokémon and Legends of Zelda. He is the...

Headshot of Michael Spech
Promotions Director

Michael Spech

Michael Spech is a senior and going into his fourth and final year of CHTV. He is going to be one of ...

Headshot of Zach Francis
Promotions Director

Zach Francis

Zach Francis is one of two promotional managers at CHTV. He mostly delegates the social media members of CHT...

Headshot of Ice Diatta
Social Media Manager

Ice Diatta

Aissatou Diatta is a junior at Carmel High School, however many people call her Ice for short. She wor...

Headshot of Ava Luo
Social Media Manager

Ava Luo

Ava is a social media manager. She is a junior and has been in CHTV for three years. Outside of CHTV, s...

Headshot of Sophie Parker
Staff Photographer

Sophie Parker

Sophie Parker is a junior at Carmel High School. She has been in CHTV since her freshman year and has...

Headshot of Maiza Munn
Creative Director

Maiza Munn

Maiza Munn is a senior at Carmel High School and is Creative Director at CHTV! Inside of TV, she love...

Headshot of Caroline Petry
Live Events Director

Caroline Petry

Caroline Petry is a third-year staff member for CHTV and the Live Events manager. She's a junior at CHS,...

Headshot of Cole Dangler
News Anchor

Cole Dangler

Cole is one of CHTV’s newest anchors! He loves being on air and being one of the faces of CHTV. In...

Headshot of Gigi Welp
News Anchor

Gigi Welp

Gigi Welp is a senior at Carmel. In CHTV, she will be a Sem. 1 anchor, and help out with sports and ar...

Headshot of Aarini Pareek
News Anchor

Aarini Pareek

Aarini Pareek is a Junior and super excited to be a News Anchor and Reporter this year! Along with anchoring...

Headshot of Zaynab Khan
Entertainment Anchor

Zaynab Khan

Zaynab is excited to be an entertainment anchor this year! This will be her sophomore year here at C...

Headshot of Selah Kearby
Entertainment Anchor

Selah Kearby

Selah Kearby is a junior at CHS, where she is also an entertainment anchor for CHTV. Selah has been a part...

Headshot of Coral Tretola
Entertainment Anchor

Coral Tretola

Coral Tretola is a junior at Carmel High School, and this is her third year with CHTV. She is excited t...

Headshot of Brenna Markland
Sports Anchor

Brenna Markland

Brenna Markland is a junior at CHS. She is super excited to be the CHTV on-air sports anchor this year....

Headshot of Tally Wright
Production Team

Tally Wright

Tally Wright is a senior at Carmel! She is in the production class at CHTV and assists with sports br...

Headshot of Noah Boudouris
Production Team

Noah Boudouris

Noah is a junior and in his third year at CHTV. He’s passionate about sports, food, movies, and old m...

Headshot of Jessica Dinh
Production Team

Jessica Dinh

Jessica Dinh is a junior in her 3rd year of CHTV. As a part of the production team, she is excited to develop...

Headshot of Jacob Mack
Production Team

Jacob Mack

Jacob is a junior here at CHS. Jacob will be on the CHTV production team next year and he couldn’t be ...

Headshot of Dario Chapala
Production Team

Dario Chapala

Dario Chapala is a 5-6 student in the production class. His main focus is going to games and working c...

Headshot of Caden Clawson
Production Team

Caden Clawson

Caden Clawson works as a content creator for CHTV. He works behind the scenes and helps the underclass...

Headshot of Ryan Powell
Production Team

Ryan Powell

Ryan Powell is a senior this year he is a part of the production team for CHTV. This is his fourth ye...

Headshot of Braelen Price
Production Team

Braelen Price

Braelen is a senior and a member of the Production class in TV 7-8. Outside of school, he’s heavily invol...

Headshot of Alex Gastineau
Production Team

Alex Gastineau

Alex is a video editor for CHTV who helps run the production of videos seen on CHTV. Alex is intereste...

Headshot of Charlie Hunter
News Team

Charlie Hunter

Charlie is a Senior and in her free time, she loves to shop (a lot). Some would even call her a shop...

Headshot of Isabella Colucci
News Team

Isabella Colucci

Isabella Colucci is a crew member for CHTV and hopes to strengthen her creativity and inspiration for ...

Headshot of Abigail Bonacker
News Team

Abigail Bonacker

Abigail is a sophomore in TV 3-4. She is a part of the CHS track team and also plays club soccer. Abi...

Headshot of Isaiah Henderson
News Team

Isaiah Henderson

Isaiah Henderson is a junior on the CHTV staff this year and he’s super excited to channel his interest...

Headshot of Ravi Kheradia
News Team

Ravi Kheradia

Ravi Kheradia is a part of the news team for CHTV. He helps with live shows and packages. He is a wre...

Headshot of Lauren Wolfangel
News Team

Lauren Wolfangel

Lauren Wolfangel is a Junior at Carmel High School in the 2023-2024 school year. She started CHTV her fres...

Headshot of Dylan Delise
News Team

Dylan Delise

Dylan Delise is a Junior at Carmel High School and a very active staff member of CHTV, he loves the wo...

Headshot of Dominic Campbell
News Team

Dominic Campbell

Dominic is a junior and a new CHTV crew member. He will be working behind the scenes with graphics and mo...

Headshot of Sully Symmes

Sully Symmes

Sully Symmes is a junior at Carmel High School and a part of the CHTV team. Serving as a member durin...

Headshot of Rebecca Lee
News Anchor

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is a proud staff member and news anchor in CHTV! She loves being part of CHTV, exploring n...

Headshot of Coyer Paradise
Tech Manager

Coyer Paradise

Coyer Paradise is a member of CHTV who is very good at editing and video graphics. He has been working w...

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