The Television Station of Carmel High School


The Television Station of Carmel High School


The Television Station of Carmel High School



Headshot of Brandy Ostojic
CHTV Faculty Adviser

Brandy Ostojic

Headshot of Scott Croner
Station Manager & Social Media

Scott Croner

Scott Croner is a senior & is the social media manager/station manager of CHTV.  He has a lot of expe...

Headshot of Ryan Conley
Station Manager

Ryan Conley

Ryan Conley is a Senior & is very excited to be one of your Station Managers. This is his fourth ye...

Headshot of Ireland Jones
News Director

Ireland Jones

Ireland Jones is a Senior & is excited to be a News Director this year! Ireland is now in her fou...

Headshot of Kailey Schulz
News Director

Kailey Schulz

Kailey Schulz is a senior this year & can’t wait to be one of the News Directors for CHTV. This i...

Headshot of Cate Beck
News Anchor

Cate Beck

Cate Beck is a senior this year & although she has only been in CHTV for 3 years, she will be a news...

Headshot of Gabi Bradley
News Anchor

Gabi Bradley

Gabi Bradley is very excited to be an anchor for CHTV this year! This will be her junior year and thi...

Headshot of Hannah McNally
News Anchor

Hannah McNally

Hannah McNally is a CHTV news anchor. She is a junior in her third year of CHTV. She is involved in Car...

Headshot of McKinley Woodward
News Anchor

McKinley Woodward

McKinley Woodward is a senior this year. She is thrilled to be a News Anchor for her third year of CH...

Headshot of Ryan Powell
News Anchor

Ryan Powell

Ryan Powell is a junior this year and is excited to be an anchor this year at CHTV. This is his third...

Headshot of Zach Francis
News Anchor

Zach Francis

Zach Francis is a news anchor this year. He is a junior at & has been with CHTV for 2 years. Out...

Headshot of Caden Clawson
Entertainment Anchor

Caden Clawson

Caden Clawson is a junior in high school in 2022. He is super excited to be a crew member for CHTV th...

Headshot of Gracie Prader
Entertainment Anchor

Gracie Prader

Gracie Prader is a senior this year and is so excited to make more fun content on the CHTV staff as an...

Headshot of Luke Anderson
Entertainment Anchor

Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson is a senior 5-6 member of CHTV. He’s a part of unified sports and enjoys working out, ...

Headshot of Michael Spech
Entertainment Anchor

Michael Spech

Michael Spech is a junior this year & it’s his third consecutive year with CHTV. He is an entert...

Headshot of Natasha Glenn
Entertainment Anchor

Natasha Glenn

Natasha Glenn is a senior this year. She is very excited & sad about her last year with CHTV! She is...

Headshot of Charlie Baker
Sports Anchor

Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker is a senior at Carmel and is on staff at CHTV!  He is a sports anchor and has a big p...

Headshot of Darion Watson
Sports Anchor

Darion Watson

Darion Watson is a senior this year & taking on the role of one of the sports directors. As of rig...

Headshot of Jake Nisonson
Sports Anchor

Jake Nisonson

Jake Nisonson is a senior & is excited to be one of CHTV’s Sports Anchors. This will be his fourt...

Headshot of Stanzy Williams
Sports Director

Stanzy Williams

Stanzy Williams is a senior & a sports director at CHTV for the second year in a row. Out of school sh...

Headshot of Dashaun Barnes
Assistant Sports Director

Dashaun Barnes

Dashaun Barnes is a junior this year in 5-6. This is his third year on the TV staff & will be work...

Headshot of Braelen Price

Braelen Price

Braelen Price is a Junior this year & a member of the Sports crew. This will be his third year in ...

Headshot of Will Simmonds
Tech Director

Will Simmonds

Will Simmonds is a junior at Carmel High School. This year you can find him taking pictures and videos ...

Headshot of Jack Ringenberg
Editing Manager

Jack Ringenberg

Jack is a junior and one of CHTV's Editing Managers. As an Editing Manager, Jack oversees all projects that...

Headshot of Alex Gastineau
Editing Manager

Alex Gastineau

Alex Gastineau is a junior this year & is an editing manager at CHTV. This is his 3rd year at the sta...

Headshot of David Lee
Photo Manager

David Lee

Shinwoo (David) Lee is a senior this year. He is excited to take on the challenge of being CHTV’s fir...

Headshot of Trinity Bitterman
Social Media Manager

Trinity Bitterman

Trinity is a Senior this year! They are one of CHTV's social media managers. They enjoy playing video...

Social Media & Organizational Manager

Morgan Bishop

Morgan Bishop is a senior & is very excited to be one of CHTV’s Social Media Managers. Morgan i...

Headshot of Zachary Seymour
Organizational Manager

Zachary Seymour

Zachary "Z" Seymour is a junior and a manager of the organization department. He has ADHD and loves making or...

Headshot of Larine Casso
Weather & Crew

Larine Casso

Larine Casso is a senior and this is her 4th and final year in chtv. She is in the crew and helps ou...

Headshot of Summer Prince
Weather & Crew

Summer Prince

Summer Prince is a senior & her CHTV role is Weather & crew. Summer helps to organize & ...

Headshot of Kayden Lyons

Kayden Lyons

Kayden Lyons is a senior in his fourth year of CHTV.  He’s currently a crew member with the station....

Headshot of Aarini Pareek
News Intern

Aarini Pareek

Aarini Pareek is a sophomore and super excited for her first year as a CHTV staff member. This year ...

Headshot of Cole Dangler
News Intern

Cole Dangler

Cole Dangler is a sophomore and an aspiring director/ producer who has been in CHTV for two years. Cole...

Headshot of Gigi Welp
News Intern

Gigi Welp

Gigi Welp is a CHTV 3-4 student who hopes to do something in news or sports. In her free time, she ...

Headshot of Lauren Wolfangel
News Intern

Lauren Wolfangel

Lauren Wolfangel is a sophomore at Carmel High School. She’s a 3-4, in her 2nd year of TV.  Lauren...

Headshot of Nina Federici
News Intern

Nina Federici

Nina Federici is a sophomore at Carmel Highschool. This year is her 2nd year being a part of CHTV. This...

Headshot of Rebecca Lee
News Intern

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is currently a junior and a passionate CHTV  staff member. She is also a news intern and h...

Headshot of Will Spurgeon
News Intern

Will Spurgeon

William Spurgeon is in TV 3-4 this year, working on the CHTV staff. He is a senior at Carmel High Sch...

Headshot of Addy Modrall
Sports Intern

Addy Modrall

Addy Modrall is a sophomore at CHS and this is her second year in CHTV. She is so excited for anoth...

Headshot of Ayden Hageman
Sports Intern

Ayden Hageman

Ayden Hagemann is a junior in CHTV. This is his first year on the CHTV staff and he will be working as...

Headshot of Dominic Campbell
Sports Intern

Dominic Campbell

Dominic Campbell is a sophomore and a sports intern for CHTV. This is his second year in CHTV and he...

Headshot of Maiza Munn
Sports Intern

Maiza Munn

Maiza Munn is a junior at Carmel High School and is currently in TV 3-4. Alongside TV, she also is a par...

Headshot of Noah Boudouris
Sports Intern

Noah Boudouris

Noah is a sophomore and a sports intern for CHTV. He’s a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, as well a...

Headshot of Ravi Kheradia
Sports Intern

Ravi Kheradia

Ravi Kheradia is a junior and a sports intern for CHTV. Ravi is in his 2nd year at CHTV. He has been ...

Headshot of Tally Wright
Sports Intern

Tally Wright

Tally Wright is a junior in her second year of CHTV. She is a sports intern for CHTV and is very ex...

Headshot of Caroline Petry
Tech / Edit Intern

Caroline Petry

Caroline Petry is a second-year staff member for CHTV and WHJE. She is a sophomore at CHS, who is passionate...

Headshot of Coyer Paradise
Tech / Edit Intern

Coyer Paradise

Coyer Paradise is currently an intern for the Tech/Edit team at CHTV. He is responsible for "Pet of th...

Headshot of Dylan Delise
Tech / Edit Intern

Dylan Delise

Dylan Delise is a Sophomore & is Tech/Edit intern at CHTV.  He has a lot of experience with video...

Headshot of Ice Diatta
Tech / Edit Intern

Ice Diatta

Ice Diatta is currently a sophomore and a tech intern at Carmel High School. Outside of school, she...

Headshot of Jessica Dinh
Tech / Edit Intern

Jessica Dinh

Jessica Dinh is a sophomore in her 2nd year of CHTV as an editing intern. She is also involved with Carme...

Headshot of Kiefer Jay
Tech / Edit Intern

Kiefer Jay

Kiefer Jay is a sophomore and is very excited to be one of the CHTV tech interns, if you go to a Carmel...

Headshot of Kam Krull
Tech / Edit Intern

Kam Krull

Kam Krull is a senior and excited for her first year on staff. She joined CHTV her junior year and has lo...

Headshot of Zaynab Khan
Tech / Edit Intern

Zaynab Khan

Zaynab Khan is a sophomore at Carmel High School and is very excited to be a CHTV staff member this ...

Headshot of Ava Luo
Social / Promo Intern

Ava Luo

Ava is a sophomore and she is very excited about her second year in TV. She is one of the Social/Promot...

Headshot of Brenna Markland
Social / Promo Intern

Brenna Markland

Brenna Markland is a sophomore Social Media and Promotions Intern. This is Brenna’s second year in CH...

Headshot of Coral Tretola
Social / Promo Intern

Coral Tretola

Coral Tretola is a sophomore at CHTV this year. She is excited for another year of filming and helping pr...

Headshot of Dario Chapala
Social / Promo Intern

Dario Chapala

Dario Chapala is a Sophomore and is a Promo Intern for TV. He’s currently in TV 3-4 and hopes to be ther...

Headshot of Hali Woody
Social / Promo Intern

Hali Woody

Hali Woody is a Sophomore at Carmel who is very excited to be a Social Media Intern. Besides TV, she i...

Headshot of Jacob Mack
Social / Promo Intern

Jacob Mack

Jacob Mack is a Sophomore and is in his second year of CHTV. Jacob is an intern for the Social Media ...

Headshot of Selah Kearby
Social / Promo Intern

Selah Kearby

Selah Kearby is a sophomore this year and is very excited to help make more fun content for CHTV as a...

Headshot of Sophie Parker
Social / Promo Intern

Sophie Parker

Sophie Parker is a sophomore this year. This will be her second year taking TV. Besides CHTV, she i...

Headshot of Sully Symmes
Social / Promo Intern

Sully Symmes

Sully Symmes is a sophomore at Carmel High School and is a member of the 3-4 CHTV class. Sully enjo...

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