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CHTV unveils CHTV+, a revolutionary new service

CHTV’s all-new service will let users get their name on the CHTV website, get access to an exclusive merch shop, and more!
CHTV+ logo with a black to gray gradient in the background
CHTV+ logo


CARMEL, IN – Today CHTV announced a breakthrough service. This brand-new service is called CHTV+. CHTV+ offers people a new way to support the program like never before. This service takes everything people like from the WHJE (Carmel High School’s radio station) counterpart, the 91.3 Club, and amplifies it to a whole new level. This brand-new service will offer many incentives to members such as a free sticker pack¹, access to an exclusive merchandise shop, early access to CHTV content, birthday shoutouts on the newscasts, and their name on the CHTV website and at the end of all of the newscasts. CHTV+ will be seamlessly integrated into the existing CHTV YouTube channel through the use of YouTube Channel Memberships. Using this, CHTV+ members will also be given access to custom membership badges and emojis. 

“We are very proud of the work our students do on a daily basis and we are even more proud of this new initiative that we are kicking off, CHTV+. It’s going to be a huge benefit for our station and it will also be a big win for our viewers,” said Brandy Ostojic, CH​​TV’s adviser.

According to the CHTV+ team, when choosing the price for the service, they considered many things. 

“We wanted CHTV+ to be something that the majority of people could afford. We didn’t want it to be too expensive, but we also knew that if we made it too cheap, we wouldn’t be making a huge profit. We wanted to do something similar to the 91.3 club’s pricing, where the price was a number that meant something to the program. We decided on the price of around $21/year because  CHTV’s original cable channel number was 21. This price was also perfect because it is accessible to the majority of people. Unfortunately, with YouTube Channel Memberships, you can not set custom prices, so we had to choose the closest price option.” said Jack Ringenberg, one of CHTV’s Station Managers.

CHTV+ will launch with two pricing tiers. Both tier prices pay homage to old CHTV channel numbers. The first tier is CHTV+ Standard. This plan is around $21/year and features everything mentioned previously minus the sticker pack. The second tier is CHTV+ Deluxe. This plan is around $99/year and features everything CHTV+ Standard has, with the addition of a thank you video and sticker pack.

CHTV+ will be available all year long and it is going to launch on September 21.

About CHTV

CHTV (Carmel High School Television) is a completely student-run television station that was started in 1978 by Hal Espey. The program is currently supervised by Brandy Ostojic. CHTV is a media elective class that is a part of the communication department’s Greyhound Media Network. It runs from freshman year to senior year and it is the core of everything Carmel High School – news, sports, and entertainment stories. Every SSRT (except late starts) CHTV will live stream a newscast to get you up to speed. Not to mention they cover events and sports games.


¹CHTV+ Deluxe subscription required


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Jack Ringenberg

CHTV SVP, Website Development

[email protected]


CHTV Press Helpline

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Jack Ringenberg, Station Manager
Jack is a senior and one of CHTV's Station Managers. As the Station Manager, Jack oversees every aspect of CHTV. In addition to being one of the Station Managers, Jack is also the Senior Vice President of Website Development for CHTV. As the SVP of Website Development, Jack is responsible for overseeing everything that is posted on the website, writing press releases, frequently updating the website, and adding old CHTV videos to the site. During his time at CHTV, Jack has produced many high-end projects such as his award-winning talk show, “The Jack Ringenberg Show”. This talk show went on to be recognized by the Carmel Clay Schools District, the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB), and the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS). On top of that, in the same school year, Jack also decided to create a documentary about the history of CHTV. This hour-long documentary titled, "The CHTV Archives", was highly praised, and ended up getting an article about it in the Carmel newspaper, "Current in Carmel".   
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