Lunar New Year Traditions

Ava Luo

Chinese New Year is an annual holiday that begins on the first day of the lunar year. Celebrations last for 15 days and people usually reunite with their families and have a reunion dinner. Each region in China has their own traditions, however, a common tradition is giving children red envelopes with money inside. People also set off fireworks and firecrackers.

On Sunday, January 29th, the Indianapolis Chinese Community Center held their Chinese New Year Gala at Noblesville High School. An annual event that they plan and organize for months, over 900 people sat in the audience watching local students and adults perform. A group of Carmel High School students enrolled in Chinese, led by the Chinese teacher Mrs. Li and senior Angela Peng, performed a short skit “Nian”, about the origin of Chinese New Year. Other performances include singing, traditional Chinese dance, martial arts, traditional Chinese instruments, and more.