Peru’s Government has Indefinitely Shut Down Machu Pichu


Dario Chapala

Peru’s government has indefinitely shut down Machu Pichu, leaving hundreds of tourists stranded in the trails. Weeks of violence have been caused by protestors storming the streets of Lima, declaring a new election for their leader. Pedro Castillo was removed from office last month and being the first leader of Peru from a rural Andean background has caused backlash from the people. Pedro was removed from office after being suspected of trying to dissolve congress, rebellion, and conspiracy. The current president, Dina Bolaurte is being pressured to resign, as hundreds have protested against her leadership. President Bolaurte is also the first female president in Peru, which already caused a divide among the people. So far, president Bolaurte has resisted being forced to resign by the people. Peruvian law enforcement has tried to keep their people at bay, and 46 suspected lives have already been lost in the weeks of chaos. Tourists who came to Machu Pichu for the multiple-day hike, have been stuck at the site after railroads to the tourist destination were shut down after being damaged by the protests. Just last month, hundreds of tourists had to be rescued by Peruvian authorities after being stuck on the site for days. Airports in Cusco, Arequipa, and Juliaca have been attacked by protesters, severely damaging Peru’s tourism.


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