January Staff Members of the Month

Brandy Ostojic

TV 3-4

Brenna Markland  
Aarini Pareek









We have a dynamic duo for our 3-4 students of the month!  Aarini and Brenna took on a very BIG project without much guidance or details and knocked it right out of the park.  It took them hours of filming and editing – and the end product showed.  It is an “international” hit!  We can’t wait to see what else you will both accomplish with CHTV. 


TV 5-6

Kailey Schulz








Kailey is our 5-6 student of the month!  Kailey is always in the running for this honor – she dominates every month.  Her team’s shows are well-planned, she is a brilliant producer – and oh yeahhh she’s also about the nicest person ever.  She helps out with whatever is asked of her and does it with a smile.  We appreciate all you do Kailey to make CHTV great.

TV 7-8

Morgan Bishop









Morgan is our 7-8 student of the month! Morgan has been like a ninja for CHTV…tackling little projects without anyone knowing… From our CHTV Elf on a Shelf to the studio stop/go sign to countless forms to equipment organizing to being a wealth of color guard knowledge to just being a team player in all aspects.  She’s also a great mentor to our