Survivor Season 44 Kicks Off Alongside WHJE’s Liveshow

Jacob Mack

CBS’s Survivor kicks off with Season 44 on March 1st, with its two-hour premiere episode introducing the new cast. To start off, what is Survivor? Survivor is a reality TV show that features 18 contestants who survive together in tribes that must work together to provide essential necessities while competing in strenuous challenges that reward in prizes, advantages, and immunity. At the end of each challenge, two tribes will win immunity and skip tribal council, the tribe finishing first receiving the best prize. The tribe that loses in the challenge goes to tribal council, voting off one of their members. Not to mention, there will be hidden immunity idols and advantages hidden around the island and granted by doing individual challenges. Towards the middle of the season, there will be a merge where the tribes come together to commence what becomes the most action-packed part of the season. In the finale episode, one member will be titled the sole survivor and win the $1,000,000 prize.


To delve deeper into the season, Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor since its debut, introduces the season by saying Season 44 is ‘electric’. Probst follows up by stating I loved this group from the opening moments. I can’t give you a specific answer as to why they were so electric, but I do think you’ll feel it straight out of the game.” As the premiere opens up, we are greeted with eighteen new characters in which one of them will take home the prized $1,000,000.


As Survivor Season 44 starts, WHJE’s Knowledge Is Power live show continues. Andrew Garrison, a current CHS sophomore Radio student shares his excitement for this season. “Survivor 44 has a great cast… I’m looking forward to another great season coming from a great cast strategically, socially, and ultimately I’m looking for a satisfying winner, someone who we can root for and dominate the game.” Garrison has been a Survivor fan since 2015 and has a weekly live show where he discusses a recap of each episode, his cast analysis, and his predictions for what’s to come in the future. The name Knowledge Is Power comes from one of the many advantages that can be obtained in Survivor.

To listen to the Knowledge Is Power live show, visit 91.3 WHJE or on on Sundays at 9 A.M. Follow @knowledge_is_power_whje on Instagram to stay posted with upcoming live show updates. Watch Survivor Season 44 airing every Wednesday on Paramount+, or rewatch the episodes for free on the CBS app.