Bool Band wins Battle of the Bands!


Jacob Mack

Bool Band, consisting of Carmel High School seniors, won the Battle Of The Bands competition on April 15th. But what is Bool band? Bool is a band that started back in January of this year, composed of Owen Bruner as the vocalist, guitarist Ronin VanVlymen, bassist Devlin Rosenfeld, drummer Nate Stergar and saxophonist Lorenzo Tomasi. The word ‘bool’ is slang for ‘cool’ or ‘to chill’. Bool started as an idea by Bruner, with an urge to perform.

“About a year ago we had formed together without Devlin to play covers, but that didn’t last more than a few weeks. In early January of this year, I had decided that it was time to form a band of my own as I had just released Caged and was itching to perform. I asked each of the members individually and they all said yes showing great interest” Bruner stated. From there, they planned to work out what goals they wanted to accomplish and how they wanted to rehearse together. Bruner went on and said “After mutually agreeing we wanted to write our own music, it took off from there.” Bool’s first official release, titled ‘The Farm’ EP consists of the songs Shut The Funk Up, Vivid Eyes, and Sticky Fingers, which features Tomasi’s sweet saxophone solo, sets the groundwork for what Bool’s sound is.

Bool’s aspirations were simple in words, difficult to reach. Their main goal has been to be able to perform their own music and it’s what brought them together in the first place, as Bruner puts it. The passion to be able to entertain a crowd with their own work fuels the fire for what they want to ultimately achieve. Bruner adds that it’d be a dream come true to be able to live off of their own music. Bool’s main approach to expanding their ground is being extremely communicative with their audience. Bool has primarily utilized instagram to connect and gain publicity within CHS and as well as outside the school. “Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in marketing, so if our audience enjoys what we do they are most likely going to tell someone about it.” Bruner stresses the importance of communication in marketing.

Another way Bool has gained traction is through the influence of advertising their own merchandise. With the release of their EP comes a new wave of clothing items, ranging from pull-overs to stickers. Bool’s source of their trippy designs come from @bimpson_art on instagram, who has all of their designs featured on their page. With the combination of merchandise throughout the school and staying connected with their audience online, Bool has gone from a group of friends with an idea, to a band that is becoming renowned throughout campus.

Bool will be a featured band at CHS’ Cheftacular Event on May 1st, and will also play at the TherAplay event on June 3rd. You can follow Bool at @bool_band on Instagram which includes their Link Tree link that takes you to their merchandise, YouTube channel, Apple Music, and Spotify.


Thanks to Owen Bruner for all the information provided!