Managing What Isn’t Seen: Mental Health

CHS students share some ways they managed their mental health throughout the academic year.


Dashuan looking at information

Rebecca Lee

As Carmel High is almost halfway through another academic year, students are starting to face more projects, tests, and assignments than ever.  Oftentimes, students find themselves incredibly busy throughout the school year, usually not permitting much time for self-care or mental health days.  Despite some time constraints, however, CHS students are discovering ways to manage their mental health throughout the year, and in between a packed schedule.  Current Junior Cali Vanderplaats explained how she was able to incorporate mental health management throughout her schedule, even within some of her activities such as sports.

“I’m currently playing two sports right now and I have at least one practice everyday Monday through Saturday,” Vanderplaats explained.  “Keeping active releases stress from school and life and helps me be in the moment.”

Junior Ridhi Dondeti also shared some ways she managed her mental health during the year so far through her schoolwork itself.  “I try to use Notion to make to-do lists and checking things off as I go [be]cause I like that relief of checking things off.” Dondeti said.

However, caring for mental health can extend to other activities beyond the school campus.  Current senior Jack McMurtray recounted some ways to help balance school and personal life.  “Stress gets tough sometimes, and juggling everything I have to balance in life is hard.” McMurtray explained.  “I would say I keep my mind off of it through my hobbies, such as driving or fashion, and talking with friends or a therapist.”

There are several effective ways CHS students are using to maintain a healthy mental state throughout the school year, especially in the rather stressful aspects of student life.  Finding the method and outlet that works best may vary per individual, but mental health prioritization is extremely important nevertheless.