Can a new head coach save the Colts’ season?

Dominic Campbell

The Indianapolis Colts (3-5-1) have had a rocky season so far, from benching their new veteran QB to firing their head coach it’s been a season to forget for a team which had hopes to win the division before the season started. 


The Colts offense has caused a bulk of the issues as they have only managed a league worst 14.7 points per game. A large problem has been the inability to set up a rushing attack as the O-line has failed to provide any support to an injured Johnathan Taylor who has already missed 3 games this season.


The Colts’ solution to these problems? They fired 5 year head coach Frank Reich and brought in Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach. Jeff Saturday, a former Colts center from 1999-2011, has never coached in the NFL and prior to becoming the Colts’ interim head coach has only had high school coaching experience.


Some hope that Saturday’s former experience as a center can alleviate some of the Colts’ O-line issues and that that may allow for the rush game to finally pick up some steam. Saturday’s first game as a coach will be Sunday at 4:05 against the Raiders at home as the Colts hope to get back into the playoff race in a crowded and confusing AFC playoff picture.