Northwestern Detroit Basketball Player goes into Cardiac Arrest

Dario Chapala

Detroit Northwestern Boys’ basketball player Cartier Woods went into cardiac arrest only 3 minutes into his game.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, 3 minutes into the Detroit Northwestern Boys basketball game, Cartier Woods approached head coach George Tyson. “I need to come out.” Said Woods, according to coach Eason. Only moments later was a loud bang heard, and Cartier lay motionless on the court. 

His coaches both say that he wasn’t feeling well and had to come onto the sideline, where moments later he collapsed. According to PSL executive director Jay Alexander, “He was never alert, that’s why I guess they are saying cardiac arrest because his heart stopped but it wasn’t a heart attack.”

The audience went silent, gasps could be heard floating around the court. Tyson instinctually rushed to Woods, where he administered CPR. 5 minutes later trainers and health officials came to Woods’ aid, and they too administered CPR. Then they got Woods on a stretcher and took him to the nearby Henry Ford Hospital. 

The following day Douglass coach Pierre Brooks Sr. had no motivation to come to work. Brooks and Tyson had coached together nearly 20 years ago, and Brooks was hurting for Tyson. “I’ve been emotional since Coach Tyson at Northwestern is like a brother to me, and to see him going through that, I’ve been pretty emotional and a wreck. We’ve coached together for 19 years, he was there when my son, PJ (Pierre Brooks, now playing at MSU) was born.

“My players today have really encouraged me, and I’ve gotten some energy and drive just based on their approach. I thought I’d have to come here and counsel, and it seems like they are motivated and praying for Cartier.”