Super Bowl LVII ad reviews

Chandler Dishman

In 2023, advertisers are paying an average of seven million U.S. dollars to air a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl LVII broadcast. The PopCorners: Breaking Bad commercial was pretty good in my opinion. This goes for humor on one of the darkest shows ever. It was fun seeing them back together. The Dunkin Donuts commercial starring Ben Affleck was hilarious, also when Jennifer Lopez pulled up it made it better. Paramount: Stallone Face was a great commercial starring a bunch of animated characters and a few other people. Sylvester Stallone is funnier than many realize, and this commercial was amusing. The Pringles commercial showed what the hand-stuck-in-can joke really is. That probably has to do with the originality of it. Teaser 1 and 2 featuring Ben Stiller and Steve Martin’s Pepsi commercial was very entertaining watching them both argue. Great Acting or Great Taste starring Ben Stiller was one of the best ones yet. Comparing the same commercial but with Steve Martin was really trying to prove he’s the “better” actor. Chuckle worthy but Stiller’s was better. Thought it was funnier than Martin’s solo spot. Tough call because I laughed at this one a few times, and it’s a tie between this one and Stiller’s solo version. Skechers: Snoop Dogg commercial seemed like it could attract a lot of people to buy these shoes. Using the Peyton Manning SNL joke with the kids and Tony Romo induced a laugh, and the, “I’m nine”, but nothing amazing here. By the way, what ISN’T Snoop doing or promoting these days? Planters: Roast of Mr. Peanut commercial was surprising seeing Mr. Peanut back again. Started off well enough with “ruining brownies,” but eh, that’s about it. Doritos: Jack’s New Angle commercial was great. Very inspiring. It made me grin when they mentioned Elton John instead of Jack.