Super Bowl LVII review

Oliveira Lopez

Super Bowl 57 occurred last night and it included some of the NFL’s biggest stars, including 2023 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. On the other end of the field was the Philadelphia Eagles led by Quarterback Jalen Hurts who many doubted before the NFL season began. The Super Bowl was played in Glendale, Arizona, and many people considered the field slippery as it was painted which caused issues for several different players. The game resulted in a 38-35 win for the Kansas Chiefs. Many fans believe that the Kansas City win wasn’t deserving as a crucial flag was called in the final minutes of the game. Philadelphia Cornerback James Bradberry IV was called for holding on Chiefs Wide Receiver Juju Smith-Schuster which allowed the Chiefs to run out the entire clock and kick a field goal with 10 seconds left. Fans felt this was the wrong call and it messed up a classic game, but Bradberry stated afterwards that he did indeed hold Smith-Schuster. The game wasn’t the only thing the fans were excited about. Many people enjoyed well-known musical artist Rihanna’s halftime performance. Some fans also took to social media to talk about a giant lump on her stomach, suspecting that she was pregnant, which was later confirmed by her representatives. This was a huge game as well for the Kelce brothers Travis and Jason, as they made history in the NFL. These two brothers are the first set of brothers to play each other in a super bowl. They could be seen after the game conversing with each other and taking in the moment with each other. Their mother Donna Kelce had repeatedly brought up how proud she was of her sons leading up to the Super Bowl, which made the ending of the game bittersweet for her. While many people had different opinions on the end of the game, Everyone can agree that Super Bowl 57 was one of the best endings to an NFL season in recent years.