Changes and Continuations on the Carmel Basketball teams


Gigi Welp

With the start of basketball season approaching, Carmel fans are getting ready to hype up their Greyhounds. Last year, the Carmel boy’s team suffered a disappointing end to their 18-6 season with a loss to Westfield in the playoffs after being #4 in the state. Similarly, the Lady Greyhounds ended their 15-8 season with a loss to Noblesville in the playoffs.

Now that the Carmel boys basketball team is losing star forward and shooting guard Peter Suder to Bellamarine University, the Hounds are going to need Spencer White and Sam Orme to step into Suder’s shoes and lead the team to what hopefully will be the finals this year. The Hounds are set up for a successful season with John Joest as head coach and with 7 returning seniors who can guide this Carmel team into a winning season.

Along the same lines, the Lady Hounds no longer have their star forward and center Emily Roper. Now it is going to be up to Mackenzie Thomas and Maddy Geary to take Roper’s spot on the court. The Lady Hounds will be led once again by the reigning Erin Trimpe, which already gives them a leg up on other teams in the Hamilton area. The Carmel girls basketball team has some work ahead of them, but given their current roster and head coach, Carmel fans should expect a strong season.