CHTV wins 500% more awards at IASB this year than last year


CHTV and WHJE students with their IASB awards

Jack Ringenberg

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – On Friday, March 13, 2023, the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) announced their 2023 conference winners.

IASB is a statewide award system that features high school and college students and all their achievements in the media world. It is considered to be one of the toughest award systems in the country. ⁣⁣
The IABS award ceremony was hosted at the University of Indianapolis where CHTV and WHJE students received their awards. ⁣⁣

CHTV has been attending this conference for over ten years! In 2014, CHTV was named Indiana’s #1 High School television station by IASB. Since 2014, CHTV hasn’t performed as well at the conference each year. However, this year CHTV won 500% more awards than last year.

“I am beyond proud of the work CHTV students did this past year. Their achievements were recognized in a very tough statewide competition and all of their awards are well deserved!” said CHTV Faculty Adviser, Brandy Ostojic.

This year, CHTV placed in the following categories:

Honorable Mention | Best Student Media WebsiteJack Ringenberg, Natasha Glenn, & Ryan Conley (

Honorable Mention | Best Social Media Presence Scott Croner & Trinty Bitterman (CHTV Instagram)

3rd Place | Best Video MagazineJack Ringenberg (The Jack Ringenberg Show)

Honorable Mention | Best Video MagazineNatasha Glenn (Semester One Recap)

2nd Place | Best Video Spot Production – Scott Croner & Ireland Jones (CHTV: A Place To Have Fun | 2023 Promotional Video)

3rd Place | Best Video Live Sports BroadcastDashaun Barnes, Will Simmonds, Ryan Conley, Caroline Petry & Scott Croner (LIVE: Carmel vs. Ben Davis | Football)


CHTV plans on continuing to improve the videos that they produce so that they can win even more awards next year.


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