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Clue Movie Reviews Part 2

Recently, CHTV’s TV 1-2 students were shown the movie, Clue, and then tasked with the assignment of writing a review of it. Here are the top five best reviews, as chosen by CHTV adviser, Brandy Ostojic.


Review #1 – Lily Glanders


I am literally a critic for a hobby, so this is the best job I could’ve possibly been assigned.


First off, the costumes are great, and maybe play a bigger role in outlining the character’s personality than I could give full credit for. The clothes are neat, tidy, colorful, and nobody is wearing the same suit where standard black would be the expectation. The dresses and hair pieces of the women also effectively catches your attention when you wouldn’t expect to see a lady who would remind you of a bird without the feathers walk in with some in her hair. You could tell that thought was well-invested in the visual impressions of the characters when just looking at them gives you an idea of who they’re supposed to be. 


Interaction and dialogue definitely make the foundation of the movie, and for a movie whose plot and mystery are very dependent on those interactions, the dialogue is believable enough that you could imagine being in the same situation as any of the guests as the way they communicate makes them relatable. And later in the movie as the situation evolves into something perhaps less realistic than what was started off with, the gradual transition into comedy was perfect to such an exceptional degree so that the audience is completely immersed in the humor as well as the mind-stimulating murder mystery.

This is one of those movies that loves what it’s adapting, and as the movie makes it near impossible to figure out any one culprit to the murders this love and loyalty show in the creative end twists that discern this movie as truly unique. As there are multiple possibilities for the end of a round on the board game, the movie has one of the best endings I have ever seen because instead of one, it has multiple endings, for the script was skillfully written so that truly anyone could’ve been a murderer while playing with the viewer’s belief that it was one culprit they may figure out before the end.


This movie is flawless. 

With good sets in a late 1950s style, It’s got that 1980s comedy charm in the nature of the rest of the jokes, which aged very well for 40 years of being a classic all-time favorite. Great pacing, great costumes, great acting, great plot, great everything, and overall one of the best movies on my list.


Review #2 – Malia Larger


The movie Clue is a really good movie and I would rewatch the movie again and again. I think that if I would have paid more close attention to the characters I would have been able to get more of a sense on who murdered who. This movie is for sure a 5 out of 5 because it’s engaging and there’s lots of mysteries. I also really liked how they used creepy and suspenseful sound effects. That really made me want to keep watching and was a great hook to have at the beginning of the movie. In the beginning when all of the weapons are shown that really made me excited to know what was about to come. Later on in Clue, getting to see the secret passageways was really cool and I’m still curious about how they were made. Miss White was definitely my favorite character throughout the movie because she kept very quiet but at the same time said what she needed to say when asked questions or when defending herself. Overall this movie I would completely recommend to anyone, and there is no age that I would say won’t appreciate it or enjoy it. Maybe not little kids though! This is a great Halloween movie selection!!


Review #3 – Ella Griffin


The movie, ‘Clue’ was a humorous murder mystery that actually made me laugh out loud! I love the game so it was very cool to see the movie adaptation of it. All of the actors were amazing and I can’t imagine anybody else playing these characters. The jokes in it were all cleverly written and the comedic timing was perfect every single time. The plot twist at the end was brilliant and I was not expecting it! I also loved how there were different possible endings. The build-up of the movie was genius and that made it very engaging. It never got boring because something new was revealed throughout nearly every scene. I recommend this film to anyone who needs a good laugh and is interested in mysteries that make you have to think hard about who could be the killer. Definitely one of the best movies I have seen!


Review #4 – Rachel Wolfangel


After watching the movie “Clue,” I rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. The reason that I rate this movie a 4 out of 5 is because it is mostly very funny. It had all the people in my TV class laughing a lot at parts. It also has so many things that happen unexpectedly and catch you by surprise. Along with being funny and surprising, it is a great family-friendly Halloween movie that is fun to watch with people, but it is also not scary so kids (who get scared too) can watch it without worry. The only reason I would not rate this movie a 5 out of 5 stars is because at some times it could get a little unfunny and I feel like they over-explained things. However, it was only a small part of the movie. I also feel like it is a movie that is less entertaining to watch after the first time since you know what happens.


Review #5 – Monroe Melton


Grab your popcorn because you will not want to miss this! When a group of people who know nothing about each other are invited to a spooky house and one of the guests dies mysteriously, they must try to figure out who did it before the police arrive! Clue is a wonderful movie to watch with your family and friends or just for a fun night in by yourself. It is full of fun, mystery, and of course MURDER! While you watch it you may try to figure out who the murderer is yourself. You will be at the edge of your seat and laughing your butt off the whole time. With The Butler, Miss Scarlet, Miss White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, and Colonel Mustard you will be in for the time of your life! Wait till the very end to find out who did it! Rated PG13.

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