MAHOMES does it again!

Carter Hadley

MAHOMES does it again! The 2023 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57 on February 12th in Glendale Arizona. 

    Patrick Mahomes steals the show and earns his 2nd Super Bowl MVP award. Mahomes becomes only the sixth quarterback in NFL history to have won 2 Super Bowl MVPs, joining an elite crew in Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana. 

         Mahomes finished his night going 21 of 27 for 182 yards and three touchdowns. Mahomes had a crucial 26 yard run with about 2:55 left in the 4th quarter to put the Chiefs into field goal range and almost seal the victory. It was later in the game though, with about 1:54 left in the 4th qtr. When  Mahomes threw a ball targeted towards #9 Juju Smith-Schuster when a penalty was called on Eagles corner #24 James Bradberry for holding.

    This call has been questioned across the country as thousands of fans, celebrities and players across the country have expressed their feeling with the late call. NBA Star Lebron James came out and tweeted “His hand on his back had no effect on his route! This game was too … good for that call to dictate the outcome at the end.”

    If the Eagles were to get the ball back and that penalty was never called they would’ve had a solid chance of winning the ball game. Eagles qb Jalen Hurts was 27 of 38 for 304 yards with 1 passing touchdown, also contributing with 3 rushing touchdowns. Hurts who is only 24 shined under the big lights, many think he outplayed the SB57 and NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

    After the Game on Sunday Eagles corner #24 who committed the holding penalty came out and said “ I pulled on his jersey. They called it. I was hoping they would let it ride.” As this may put the debate to whether it was a flag or not to rest. One thing is for sure. Both Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are NFL stars and will be back to the Super Bowl